Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visit to Muji.

took to visit to Muji at Marina Square with Samuel.
I believe that concepts does not pop out from nowhere, to design a concept store, we need to live with the store. 
Though we were not able to live with the store, but i believe it is important to be at the store to look at how it is like, to come up with a concept that is suitable for the store and the idea they want to portray to their customers.

Samuel and I decided to go to the store as customers, as we thought that it will be better if we look at the store as what the other customers are viewing it. We went around the store, took some shots of the products and the uniqueness of the store.

Here is our first impression of the store : A japanese store. Simple, yet fulfilling (thats because we can get anything from food to electronics to pillows to clothes to cosmetics. And yet it does not have a supermarket look.) The human traffic in the store is average, not too crowded, neither too quiet.

Here are some of the shots i took while browsing though the store.

I realised that Muji has a very strong japanese focus on their products, even on the labels, they are all made traditional japanese style. The displays have very strong japanese focus, for instance the baskets that they use to display their food products. They have very simple, yet nice and neat displays and arrangement for their products. 


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