Thursday, February 10, 2011


A Nokia concept store.

Hmm, got a project brief for Experience Design Methods: The Concept Store. 
The project requires you to assume the role of a design entrepreneur. If you have the ability to tap on unlimited resources, what would you like to offer? This project can serve as a basis for your studio major- redesigning lifestyles.
Thinking of this brief, i came upon a Nokia concept store image on the net and I realised the reason why every concept store is different. Probably the answer is clear, every concept store has it's target audience and the message that they want to bring across. For instance, Nokia's tagline is "Connecting People", there is a story that they want to sell.

I began to notice that there are hidden messages beyond the layout of stores. For instance, Mcdonald's have chairs that are made of plastic to encourage fast-flowing customers crowd, whereas Starbucks has a different approach, they have chairs that are comfy, which encourages customers to take their time to enjoy their food.

I believe the question now is what approach and impression do my group want to show to our target audience.

- nicholas

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