Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If we had a Muji store...

We were asked to identify a line of products from Muji that we would launch as our first line of our concept store. So, i looked around for interesting stuff to show you guys when i chanced upon this here little tidbit of information.
Here's an article on Muji by Southbook publishing written by Peng Yangjun and Chen Jiaojiao, two photographers behind issue #70 of Colors Magazine Beijing

They mentioned that Muji's "huge acclaim" was due to its 'no brand' philosophy of low prices and high quality. I for one completely agree that Muji's brand of "accessible minimalism" was a breathof fresh air amidst all the frilly products and items designers were coming up in the 80's

Here's a look at some Muji's more interesting Products:

This here ladies and gents, is a flat-packed set of speakers made from cardboard. They come packaged in an EVA plastic pocket which reinforces Muji's emphasis on the bare minimum.
The cardboard housing of the speakers is made from bio-degradeable sugar cane pulp, once again bringing Muji's recycling intentions into focus. I guess these speaker don't work all that well since any produced sound gets affected by the cardboard but I personally think this is an amazing product as it shows that what is common to all of us can be drastically different.

Next up is the new Muji iPhone apps which include the Muji calendar, notepad and catalog.
The notepad retails at $3.99 on itunes but the other two are free. While these aren't physical products, they are just as cool. Like, really.
The only thing I can say about these apps are that they are really "Muji". They don't feature very much color but they look very 'synthesised' if you will. They are just as organised as any Muji store would be and heavily feature user interaction. The are easy to use and the designs, like their physical product counterparts, the bare essentials.
To be perfectly honest I got really excited and downloaded the free apps the second I knew they were accessible on iTunes.
So this brings us to the end of another blog post. Stay tuned for more updates.

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