Sunday, February 13, 2011

Like, Muji... seriously

So a while ago we decided that we were gonna do a concept store for Muji. Everyone knows Muji is like really great and the products are really cool but its not that often that people actually go into a Muji store to shop. So Nicholas and I decided to actually go down to a Muji store to see what the it was really like. So in the mean time, here's a little tidbit of information for you guys.

It says here on wiki that our dear friend Muji started with no more than 40 products back in the day in 1980. It has come a pretty long way since then to offer 7,000 products in store worldwide. Muji has won a couple of design awards here and there and even has fans calling themselves "mujirers", like ...really.

So stick around more more updates on our findings and in the meantime, all you info crazed people can find out more about Muji with the following links.

Muji Global:
Muji Singapore:
Muji on Wikipedia


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