Monday, February 14, 2011

Thoughts about Muji.

After a visit to Muji, i picked up some unique points that makes Muji "Muji". 

If you realised, Muji is distinguished by its design minimalism, emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging, and no-logo or "no-brand" policy.
The name Muji is derived from the first part of Mujirushi Ryōhin, translated as No Brand Quality Goods on Muji's European website.

Packaging of Muji Products
The packagings are simple, to the minimum, but yet it meets the purpose of being presentable. Thus making the price of the product lower.

Japanese styled banner to show prices, I can literally see the price of the products from far. The display for products on sales is just a huge container, although the customers messed up the products, but they still looked pretty presentable, because of the packaging.

Therefore i believe the packaging of Muji is one huge unique point as compared to the other stores, the concept of eco-friendly is widely used throughout the store.


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